Hey Y’all!
Okay so I’ve toyed with this idea for a while now and I finally convinced myself to go through with it. I decided to blog to practice my writing skills, a component for my resume, and just something fun to do. I’m really excited about it and already have some awesome ideas lined up. I’m going to try my best to post twice a week. If life gets too crazy, I’ll definitely post once. I figured the best way to start things off would be a little introduction to me, myself, and I.
Before you roll your eyes, keep in mind that at first everyone reading this probably knows me and most of these things already. But hopefully one day I can branch out and people who don’t know me will be reading this, so now do you see the importance? Here we go!

                                                                       21 things about me!
(Because I’m 21, duh)
1. Alabama is and always will be home.
2. I have a two year old Weimeraner named Maverick. He drives me crazy sometimes but makes my heart SO happy.

3. Sushi and coffee are life plain and simple. I’m shamelessly addicted to both.
4. I love (and I mean LOVE) to travel! If I could become a successful travel writer, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
5. New York City is my favorite place to go, it will always have my heart.

6. Once upon a time, I had two pet snakes, Luce and Coco. I picked out one and then Daddy bought another one for “me” but it was really an excuse for him to get one. I’ll let y’all decide who named who.
7. I want to move to Nashville after college. I went for the first time in November and fell in love with it. When in Nash, you have to take pictures in front of all the wall murals!!

8. I’ve gone to around 14 concerts, they were all country except for Maroon 5. #concertjunkie
9. I try to get my nails done every two weeks but sometimes it stretches into three. It’s the one thing I will routinely spend money on for myself.
10. If I could drop everything and go anywhere in the world, I would go to Thailand. No questions asked. It’s so beautiful, at least it looks that way on Pinterest.
11. The first physical thing I notice on anyone are their eyelashes.
12. I don’t care what anyone says Disneyworld IS the happiest place on earth.
13. I love to binge watch a good show: Law and Order:SVU; Criminal Minds; Hawaii 5-0; Gilmore Girls are a few of my favorites. Check out Hawaii 5-0, you won’t be sorry,  I mean do you need any other reason besides Steve McGarrett?? NO.  (P.S. SVU just isn’t the same without Stabler)


14. I have three dream jobs: Travel Writer, Public Relations Liaison for a country artist, or a Disney Cast member. Don’t laugh girls, you know at some point in your life you’ve dreamt of being a Disney princess too.
15. If something has mermaids or eyelashes on it, I feel like I must have it. No matter what it is. #sorrynotsorry
16. Sunflowers are my absolute faves.
17. My most treasured possession would be my red cowgirl boots. There’s a long story behind them that can be told later.
18. I serve an amazing, almighty God! I’ll have a post about Him coming soon!
19. I finally get to see T Swift live in August and I’m beyond excited about that! She’s been at the top of my concert bucket list for forever. There will definitely be a blog post about that so keep an eye out!
20. I’ll Fly Away is my favorite gospel hymn. I can still hear my sweet Daddy leading it at church and I get chills.
21. My favorite guilty pleasure movie would have to be Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter. I don’t think I could ever get tired of them.

Well, that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed! It was probably a little cheesy, I know, but just be patient with me. I’m new to all this. If you have any suggestions for posts you’d like to see, please leave me a comment below. Creative criticism is also welcome.
Y’all come back!


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