3 Favorite Concerts

Hey Y’all, welcome back!
Concerts. ( I know, me writing about concerts, whose surprised? Lol) If you’ve been to more than one, chances are one sticks out in your mind as your favorite. In my case, I have three. I LOVE going to concerts, I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone. In the past three years, I’ve gone to around 14 of them. Like I said before, they were all country except for one.

After this year, I’ll have a few more to add that aren’t country either.
Anyway, I thought this was a neat concept for a blog because a lot of times, people see the pictures I post but not much about how awesome the show was. For this I’ve narrowed down my three favorite concerts I’ve seen.

First would be Luke Bryan, I know no shocker there. Second Maroon 5 and last but certainly not least, Scotty McCreery.

Luke Bryan
WOW. Luke puts on such an amazing show! Like seriously, you don’t understand until you see him live. He bounds onto the stage full of energy and never slows down. He cracks jokes, tells stories and just puts on a great show. The first time I saw him was on the That’s My Kind of Night Tour in June 2014. What’s awesome about Luke is that he has different types of shows he puts on. He does a normal album tour, a farm tour in the fall, and in the past, Spring Break shows in Panama City. On the album tour, he brings the theatrics. The sets, pyro, everything is incredible. The Farm Tour was a more up close and personal experience since it was general admission. It was just a big concert in a field, but it was such a fun night. Kaley and I worked our way up to the catwalk and I don’t care what anyone says, Luke looked right us. Life made. Plus, he donates proceeds of the tickets to farming communities across America. If you’re a country music fan, Luke Bryan is a show you must see.



Maroon 5
I got to see them in Knoxville with my best friend in 2016. This show was a super last minute decision, like we decided to go late Monday night and drove up Wednesday. Since it was so close to the show, we got amazing seats right on the floor, a few seats from the catwalk. I mean it’s Adam Levine and Maroon 5, what more is there to say? The best part of the night was when they performed ‘She Will Be Loved’. All the lights were cut down except for a few spotlights on the band. Everyone started singing along and oh my goodness, chills. It was amazing!! Maroon 5, definitely is a show you have to see if you can.



Scotty McCreery
Y’all. I don’t know how you couldn’t like Scotty. I’ve been a fan since his days on American Idol. I’ve seen him twice and he is SO great. He uses the whole stage and is super energetic. His voice, enough said. You can tell he has such a passion for what he does. I was not expecting him to be so incredible. He would take a few minute every so often to tell a story about auditioning for Idol or what inspired a song, which I really enjoyed because it felt like you got to know him a little better. I got to meet him the second time I saw him and he is just as nice as he seems. I will always be a fan. His new album comes out March 16, by the way. Go get it.

Well, this was just a fun little quick post for a busy day. Let me know in the comments below, who you’re favorite concert was or who you are hoping to see. Thanks a bunch!

2 thoughts on “3 Favorite Concerts”

  1. I love music. In my younger days, I wanted to write for Rolling Stone and critique rock music or be a MTV VJ. I stick to punk rock and progressive rock music. I’ve seen Hawthorne Heights, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Thank You Scientist, and my favorite band, Coheed and Cambria, twice. We are planning on seeing Coheed again and Taking Back Sunday this summer.


    1. Oh my goodness, that is awesome!!!! I like a good variety but I always go back to country.
      I’m such a concert junkie, it hurts my heart when I cant find anyone to go with me to shows sometimes lol


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