Savannah Oh Na Na

One of my friends is going to judge me so hard for that, but oh well! At the end of May we took a girls trip to Savannah and y’all, it was amazing. We had some of the best food, met some awesome people and just had a genuinely good time.
So, here I’m going to break it down for y’all! Hopefully by the end of this, I will have given some suggestions of places and things to do that you’ll want to try!

Our itinerary (yes you read that right) had us leaving Thursday morning promptly at 6 a.m.! The joke is that I am sometimes late so on this day I was determined not to be and I wasn’t, much to Ashley and Erika’s surprise. We packed up the car and waited for Rachael to roll in….she was late therefore she was Party Foul #1. We stopped for our Starbucks(shocker) and hit the road!
The trip was for Ashley’s birthday so we wanted to decorate the hotel room really cute. Erika ordered the big number balloons and some other color coordinating balloons to match. We thought we had it all planned out. I mean we had been planning this trip for months, you would think we would have it all squared away, right? We get to the hotel and start trying to set up our backdrop when we realize that we don’t have a great way to hang it up. Through some creative engineering we got it secured, kind of. Then it came to the balloons. Oh lawd have mercy. We brought a helium tank with us so that said balloons would float for the pictures, obviously. But our helium tank only blew up like 4 of our balloons. The last one was one of the pink balloons, and it was half full of helium. There was a slight miscommunication on what to do with the balloon, and Ashley finished blowing it up and tied it but it wouldn’t float because it was only half helium. Because of this, Ash gets to claim Party Foul #2.
We set out to find somewhere to finish blowing up the balloons, and ended up at a CVS. The lady helping us was sweet but informed us that she could only put the helium in and we would have to tie and string them ourselves. Oh ok. So we got our balloons finished and began the trek back to the hotel which resulted in a cute random photo shoot with the balloons in a square.

Thursday night we ate at Barracuda Bob’s and shared two dishes. We had the Cajun Seafood Tortelini and Red Snapper with mixed veggies. Both were really good and then we wandered around River Street the rest of the night.

We were up bright and early for our helicopter tour with Old Savannah Helicopter Tours. That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Brian, our pilot, was fantastic! It was beautiful and such a different way to see Savannah. 10/10 would recommend!!

After, we freshened up a little and went to The Green Truck Pub for lunch. When the Uber driver let us out at what looked to be an old Hardees building with crazy grown up shrubs all around, we were a little concerned. He assured us this was our destination and when we went in, it was a cute little hole in the wall burger place. I’ve gotten kind of sick on the last few trips I’ve been on and this was no different so I was Party Foul #3. My stomach was a little iffy so I played it safe and just stuck with a regular burger but OH MY it was awesome! They also had ranch to dip the fries in, that was DELISH. The fries were also amazing. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not crazy about fries but I ate every one of them on my plate, they were that good!! After we ate, we wandered around the town some more, just taking in the scenery.

Finally, we went back to the hotel for some rest because we were stuffed to the gills. We spent that night being lazy and came to the unanimous decision we would go to bed early so that we could feel great for our last full day. Dinner you ask? We put together a gourmet meal from the downstairs snack station. As we were checking out, the lady behind us was observing all of our choices and said “Somebody has the munchies tonight”. Me being me, I didn’t get what she actually meant and went into the whole story about our crazy day, and how no one was feeling great. When we got in the elevator, Rachael informed me that the lady most definitely thought we had the high munchies not that we were just snacky. Oh. Ok.

We made our way downtown in search of some COFFEE! We stopped in at The Coffee Fox and I got Espresso Affogata which was espresso poured over coconut vanilla bean ice cream. The coffee melted the ice cream and sweetened it a little but it was still a little more bitter than I like. Overall though, it was really good. I mean it’s coffee so what’s not to like?
One of our Uber drivers was from Dubai and came to America for the American Dream basically. She said she looked at a map and thought Savannah seemed like a cool place to live so she just moved there. WHAT?! Exactly! I was amazed, I couldn’t imagine just picking a place on the map and moving to that city. She told us that she started working at a restaurant and walked to work everyday until she could save up enough for a bike. Then the cooks taught her how to drive on their lunch breaks and eventually she was able to save up for a car. She waitressed and drove Uber on the weekend to save up for college and was getting ready to move to New York for law school. Her whole story was amazing!

We had lunch at Vinnie Van Go Go’s which was a local pizza joint. It was delicious! If you’re in Savannah, it’s a must eat. Then we were off to our pedal tour reservation. Okay. Hands down the most fun thing we did on the whole trip. There are several different types of tours to go on, but any of them from Savannah Slow Ride I think are totally worth the time. A lot of the fun also hinges on your driver. We just happened to have a really fun one, and I can’t for the life of me, remember his name. Ugh. He found out what everyone on the ride was celebrating and at one of the squares, he gives their friend $5 and a local man sings a song to them and gives them a rose he made.

We ended our day just exploring some of the squares, while we waited on our table at The Public. We were starving by the time we got there, so we shared some crab dip that was out of this world. Everything we ate there was fantastic! I highly recommend stopping in if you find yourself in Savannah. The greek salad was awesome and my Portobello and asparagus were delicious. Literally everything we ate there was amazing. Clearly you get that we liked this place. Point made.

We tried to have a cute brunch at Funky Brunch. Sounds fun, right? We wouldn’t know, we never got to eat. The waiting was disastrous and after almost two hours we gave up and hit the road. I’ll spare you all the boring details on that adventure.

Well. IF you have stuck with me through all this rambling and my wanna be “travel blogger” post, then you my friends are the real MVP’s. Let me know if you’ve been to Savannah and your favorite places to go in the comments below. Thank y’all so much for reading!

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